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Business owners in Kansas face several risks when transporting goods on land. These risks include:

  • Theft or vandalism of the goods
  • Damage caused by extreme weather conditions like floods, hurricanes, lightning strikes, tornadoes, etc.
  • Loss of goods due to collision with another vehicle or object
  • Mechanical breakdowns during transportation
  • Natural disasters such as fires and earthquakes
  • Accidental spills or other environmental hazards associated with transporting goods on land
  • Liability for damage sustained by another vehicle while transporting cargo
  • Inadequate security measures resulting in loss of cargo due to theft or unlawful access by third parties
  • Unauthorized use of vehicles used for transportation purposes
  • Legal liability imposed on carriers for damage caused by either faulty delivery methods or inadequate packaging

To protect against these risks, Kansas business owners should consider purchasing a specialized insurance policy known as inland marine insurance. Inland marine insurance is specifically tailored to cover the unique risks associated with land-based transportation and can provide coverage for loss or damage of goods.

Inland Marine Insurance Costs in Kansas

The average cost of inland marine insurance in Kansas is around $169 per year or $14 per month. Actual costs can vary significantly depending on factors which include:

  • The type of goods being transported – The type of goods being transported can have an effect on the cost of inland marine insurance. Goods that are more easily damaged, stolen, or lost, such as jewelry, electronics, and high-value items, may require higher premiums than goods less prone to damage, theft, or loss, such as furniture and clothing.
  • The distance covered in transit – The distance covered during transport also affects the cost of an inland marine policy. Policies covering longer distances typically come with higher premiums due to the increased potential for losses incurred along the way. Additionally, policies covering international routes often include additional coverage provisions for unforeseen incidents like currency fluctuations and customs delays.
  • The value of the goods being transported – Higher-value items will require higher premiums due to their increased potential for loss or damage. Additionally, policies covering goods with a higher perceived risk, such as hazardous materials, may include higher premiums and additional coverage options.
  • The frequency with which shipments are made – Policies covering multiple trips or regular, scheduled deliveries may include higher premiums due to the increased risk posed by repetitive shipping activities.
  • Deductibles – Insurance deductibles are additional costs associated with certain policies that must be paid out of pocket before a claim can be filed. As the deductible amount increases, the premium cost usually decreases, and vice versa.
  • Claims history – Insurance companies review a customer’s claims history when determining premiums. Customers with a high number of claims or losses may be charged higher premiums due to their increased risk factors.
  • Creditworthiness – A customer’s creditworthiness will also affect the cost of an inland marine policy. Insurers view customers with good credit as having lower risks, and they are usually able to receive more favorable terms, such as lower premiums. On the other hand, customers with poor credit will typically pay higher premiums for their policies.
  • Discounts – Insurance companies often offer discounts or credits for certain activities like bundling policies or paying in full upfront. Additionally, some insurers may offer discounts based on a customer’s safety record or for completing certain types of training, such as hazardous materials handling.

Inland marine insurance is an important coverage for businesses transporting goods within Kansas. It can protect against a wide range of risks, including property damage, liability, and more. Talk to an experienced independent insurance agent at WINN Insurance Group today to learn more about how this specialized policy can help you protect your business from unexpected losses caused by transportation-related events.

We’re Your Trusted Inland Marine Insurance Provider in Kansas

WINN Insurance Group is an independent agency with over 75 years of experience in the insurance industry. We specialize in providing comprehensive insurance solutions for businesses across Kansas. Our agents understand the importance of having reliable protection against losses caused by transportation-related incidents, which is why we offer specialized inland marine insurance policies tailored to meet your unique needs.

Our team will take the time to evaluate your business operations and help you select the right coverage for your specific industry. From value coverage to transit coverage and more, our knowledgeable agents can provide you with customized options designed to fit your budget. We also offer various discounts to help reduce premium costs so you can get the best value possible.

Contact us today to speak with one of our agents and get started on your inland marine insurance policy. We’ll work hard to find you the right coverage at a price that fits your budget.

Who Should Purchase Inland Marine Insurance in Kansas?

In Kansas, the following categories of businesses should consider purchasing inland marine insurance:

  • Construction companies and contractors
  • Manufacturers and distributors
  • Retailers
  • Logistics carriers
  • Heavy equipment operators
  • Auto transporters
  • Machinery movers
  • Crane operators
  • Pipeline installers & repair crews
  • Commercial fishers & aquaculture operations
  • Oil & gas well drillers & service providers
  • Solar panel installers & technicians.

These businesses face unique risks associated with transporting, storing, and maintaining equipment, materials, and goods. As a result, they need specialized coverage tailored to their needs to properly protect against uninsured losses.

Levels of Coverage Offered by Kansas Inland Marine Insurance

Inland marine insurance fills the gaps left by typical business property insurance. While property insurance safeguards physical assets at your primary business location and within a 1,000-foot radius, it doesn’t cover property stored farther away or during transportation between business sites.

The coverage for an Inland Marine policy in Kansas may vary, depending on the type of business and the specific risks it faces. Generally, these policies offer the following coverage:

Transported Property

Transported Property coverage protects the insured against physical damage to property in transit. This includes items that are shipped both domestically and internationally, over land or water. It can also cover perishables, such as foodstuffs or pharmaceuticals, while in transit. The policy may also provide coverage for lost or stolen property, depending on the insurer.

Computer Equipment and Data

Computer Equipment and Data coverage provide protection for computers, servers, and other electronic equipment used by businesses when they are moved from one location to another.

This insurance covers damages due to theft, fire, or other unforeseen events which could disrupt business operations. Additionally, it covers data stored on equipment in the event of a system crash or other loss of information.

Contractor’s Tools

Contractor’s Tool coverage is designed to protect the tools and equipment used by a contractor while they are on the job site. It covers any damage or destruction caused to these items as a result of accidents, theft, fire, floods, or hurricanes.

It also provides reimbursement for lost wages if the contractor has to replace damaged items before completing their work. This type of insurance can be especially beneficial for larger projects where expensive tools may be at risk.


Artwork coverage protects artwork and collectibles that have been transported from one place to another. Some policies cover losses due to theft, fire, vandalism, flooding, and transportation accidents. It also provides coverage for a variety of art objects, such as paintings, sculptures, photographs, antiques, and rare coins.

Buildings Under Construction

Buildings Under Construction coverage is designed to protect buildings from damage caused during the construction process. This includes any damages resulting from accidental fires, floods, weather-related disasters, and theft.

Kansas Inland Marine Insurance Discounts

Businesses in Kansas can benefit from Inland Marine Insurance discounts to help reduce the cost of their insurance premiums. The following are some of the available discounts:

  • Multi-policy discount – You may be eligible for a multi-policy discount if you have multiple policies with the same company.
  • Proximity discount – Some companies offer discounts for businesses located close to each other or near certain landmarks.
  • Risk management discount – Businesses that take proactive steps to protect their property from losses may qualify for a risk management discount. This includes installing security systems, performing regular maintenance on buildings and equipment, and following proper safety protocols.
  • No-claims bonus – Businesses that have not made any insurance claims in the past three years may be eligible for a no-claims bonus.
  • Loyalty discounts – Companies may offer loyalty discounts to long-time customers who
  • Bundled insurance – You can bundle different policies, such as auto and liability insurance, to get a discount.
  • Good credit discount – Businesses with good credit ratings may qualify for a discounted rate on their insurance premiums.

Taking advantage of these discounts can help lower the cost of Inland Marine Insurance and make it more affordable for businesses. Be sure to ask your insurance provider about any discounts available to you.

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