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Businesses in Kansas face a wide variety of risks and perils that can result in costly losses. Every business owner in Kansas needs to be aware of the following risks:

  • Injuries sustained on the property
  • Property damage caused by fires or natural disasters
  • Professional negligence claims
  • Employment practices liability
  • Libel and slander
  • Contractual liabilities
  • Products or services liability
  • Environmental damage claims
  • Personal injury claims
  • Cyber security and data breach incidents.

To best protect their businesses, business owners should consider purchasing commercial umbrella insurance. Commercial umbrella insurance provides an additional layer of liability coverage above the limits of your primary policy to help cover the costs associated with various claims and lawsuits.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance Costs in Kansas

The average cost of commercial umbrella insurance in Kansas is around $150 to $300 per year. However, the exact cost of commercial umbrella insurance can vary based on a variety of factors, including:

  • Size of the business – Generally, the larger the business, the more costly its commercial umbrella insurance policy will be. This is because larger businesses are more likely to incur higher claims and require a greater level of coverage.
  • Location – The location of the business can also influence the cost of commercial umbrella insurance. For example, businesses located in areas that experience severe weather or increased levels of crime may pay higher premiums due to greater risks associated with these locations.
  • Type of business – The type of industry or sector a business operates in can impact its premium rate for commercial umbrella insurance. Some industries, such as construction or hospitality, face greater liability risks than others and thus carry higher premiums for coverage.
  • Deductible – The amount of deductible chosen for the policy will also affect the cost of commercial umbrella insurance. Higher deductibles can lower premiums. However, it is important to consider whether you have enough funds available to cover a large deductible should an incident occur.
  • Limit amount – The level of coverage chosen for the policy will also affect its cost. Higher limits of liability usually equate to higher premiums. However, these are necessary to ensure adequate protection against costly claims and lawsuits.
  • Amount of coverage – The amount of coverage a business requires will also impact the cost of its commercial umbrella insurance policy. Businesses with greater liabilities or a higher risk profile may require additional coverage, resulting in higher premiums.
  • Claim history – A business’ claims history can also influence the cost of their commercial umbrella insurance policy. If multiple incident claims have been filed against the business, they may be seen as a greater liability and therefore charged more for coverage.

It is important to shop around and compare quotes from different insurers when purchasing commercial umbrella insurance in Kansas. Working with an experienced agent from WINN Insurance Group can help you find the most comprehensive coverage at the best rate available. With the right coverage, businesses in Kansas can protect themselves against costly claims associated with cybersecurity incidents and data breaches.

We’re Your Trusted Commercial Umbrella Insurance Provider in Kansas

At WINN Insurance Group, we understand the importance of protecting your business from financial ruin. That’s why we offer comprehensive commercial umbrella insurance policies in Kansas to provide businesses with the additional layer of protection they need. Our experienced agents will work with you to determine the best coverage options for your business and create a policy that meets your needs and budget.

We take pride in providing superior customer service and working diligently to ensure our clients get the most competitive rates. We also understand the ever-changing nature of commercial risks, so we regularly review and update policies as needed.

With WINN Insurance Group, you can have peace of mind knowing you’re protected against costly claims associated with cyber security incidents or data breaches.

Contact us today for more information on our commercial umbrella insurance solutions in Kansas.

Who Should Buy Commercial Umbrella Insurance in Kansas?

In Kansas, commercial umbrella insurance is designed to provide additional protection for businesses that are at risk of being held liable for damages resulting from incidents that cannot be covered by their existing general liability policy.

Commercial Umbrella Insurance is particularly beneficial for Kansas businesses that face a higher risk of litigation, such as:

  • Professional service providers such as doctors, lawyers, accountants, architects, engineers, and real estate agents
  • Businesses that conduct activities with a high risk of bodily injury or property damage, such as amusement parks, construction companies, car dealerships, and manufacturers
  • Retailers and restaurateurs who could be held liable for food-related injuries or illness
  • Transportation businesses such as taxi, trucking, and limousine services
  • Landlords who wish to protect against damage claims from tenants
  • Any business that has significant assets that need protecting against lawsuits
  • Companies in the hospitality industry, such as hotels and resorts
  • Technology firms or software developers
  • Educational institutions, including schools, universities, and training centers
  • Entertainment venues such as theaters and music halls
  • Outdoor recreation businesses such as campgrounds, zoos, and wildlife sanctuaries

Kansas Commercial Umbrella Insurance Coverage

In Kansas, commercial umbrella policies usually provide the following types of coverages:

  • Legal costs – Commercial umbrella policies typically cover the legal costs associated with defending a claim and any related court fees. This can help to reduce the financial burden of litigation on businesses.
  • Third-party medical bills – Commercial umbrella policies in Kansas also typically cover any medical expenses incurred by third parties due to an accident or injury covered by the policy. This helps relieve some of the financial strain associated with such incidents.
  • Property damage – Commercial umbrella policies also provide coverage for property damage caused by a covered incident. This type of coverage can help businesses protect their assets and investments from potential losses due to accidents or other unforeseen events. Property damage may include fire, theft, flooding, vandalism, and more. The policy limits will vary depending on the type and amount of coverage purchased.
  • Judgments and settlements – Commercial umbrella policies also cover any judgments or settlements awarded in a civil lawsuit against the business. This helps to protect businesses from having to pay out large sums of money as part of a settlement agreement. The policy limits will vary depending on the type and amount of coverage purchased.
  • Violations of Employment Practices Liability Insurance – Commercial umbrella policies also cover employment practices liability insurance (EPLI) violations, such as wrongful termination or discrimination. This helps protect businesses from potential employee claims related to workplace issues. The policy limits will vary depending on the type and amount of coverage purchased.
  • Bodily Injury Liability – Commercial umbrella policies typically cover any bodily injury that occurs due to a covered incident. This can help businesses protect themselves against potential losses from personal injuries suffered by customers, employees, or other third parties. The policy limits will vary depending on the type and amount of coverage purchased.

Determining Your Commercial Umbrella Coverage Needs in Kansas

In order to determine an appropriate amount of coverage for your business, you should consider the following steps:

  • Assess Your Risks – It is important to evaluate the type of risks your business may face and determine what types of insurance you may need. This includes considering potential exposures from property damage, personal injury, environmental liabilities, and much more.
  • Evaluate Your Current Insurance Coverage – You should review your current policies to ensure they provide adequate coverage for your specific needs. If any gaps or deficiencies are identified, an umbrella policy can help fill that in.
  • Evaluate Assets & Liabilities – You will need to consider the value of your assets and liabilities in order to determine an appropriate amount of coverage. This includes assessing the potential cost of a lawsuit or settlement that may arise from an incident covered by your policy.
  • Consider Worst-Case Scenarios – It is important to consider the possibility of worst-case scenarios and what type of financial losses may result. This can help you determine the amount of coverage needed for your business to remain protected in such a situation.
  • Work with an Insurance Professional – Once you have assessed all the risks and determined your coverage needs, working with an experienced insurance professional who can provide advice and guidance on the best policy for your specific situation is important. They can help you explore various options and find a policy that provides the right level of protection at an affordable price.
  • Review Your Policy Regularly – It is essential to review your policy regularly to ensure that it remains up-to-date with any changes in circumstances or laws. Doing so will ensure that your business remains protected, and you can rest easy knowing your assets are secure.

Kansas Commercial Umbrella Insurance Discounts

There are several ways to save money on Kansas Commercial Umbrella Insurance. Some of these include:

  • Multi-policy discounts – when multiple policies are purchased from the same insurer, there can be a discount applied;
  • Risk management credits – insurers may offer credits for businesses that take steps to minimize their risks, such as installing security systems or alarm systems;
  • Claims-free history discounts – if your business has not had any claims in recent years, you may qualify for a discount; and
  • Bundle discounts – combining multiple types of policies, such as general liability and workers’ compensation, can lead to lower premiums.

These are a few ways you can find savings on your Kansas Commercial Umbrella Insurance policy.

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